Autumn and Spring Show Classes

Note: If three or more plants of any hybrid or species are entered into one class, such exhibits may be judged as a sub-section.


  1. One Cattleya or intergeneric hybrid containing Cattleya
  2. One Cymbidium
  3. One Paphiopedilum
  4. One Dendrobium
  5. One Odontoglossum or intergeneric hybrid containing Odontoglossum
  6. One Oncidium or intergeneric hybrid containing Oncidium except Odontocidium
  7. One Phalaenopsis or intergeneric hybrid containing Phalaenopsis
  8. Vanda or intergeneric hybrid containing Vanda
  9. One species of any genus not listed above
  10. One hybrid of any genus not listed above
  11. Three species of any genus not listed above
  12. Three orchid plants of any genus not listed above
  13. A group of five orchid plants


Open only to members of the Society who have not previously gained a first prize at any of the Society’s shows.

  1. One species
  2. One hybrid

SECTION C – Cut Blooms

  1. One corsage or button hole, flowers need not have been grown by the exhibitor.
  2. An arrangement of Orchid blooms, accessories may be used, space allowed 2ft/2ft. max