Our display at Croyden Orchid Society Show
Our display at Croyden Orchid Society Show

Lea Valley Orchid Society were invited by Croydon Orchid Society to put on a small display at their open show on 11th October.

Thank you very much to those of you that loaned plants.

The plants on display included

Epidendrum parmeolatum, Epidendrum radicans (pink), Oncidium longipes, Oncidium varicosum, Pleurothallis stricta, Phragmipedium lindenii x besseae, ceologyne barbata, Stanhopea tigrinai which filled the room with its powerful scent

Paphiopedilum primulinun

Paphiopedilum primulinun grown by Leslie Storey

Epidendrum grown by Michael Ransom

Epidendrum parameolatum grown by Michael Ransom

Dtps Purple Martin

Dtps Purple Martin grown by Gillian Radley